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What we say and do is a response to our belief systems. If you believe you can succeed and won’t give up until you do, chances are in your favour that whatever you’ve set your heart, mind, and strength to will succeed. 

On the other hand, if you have a belief that says successful people are greedy, money-hungry liars who will cheat people just to promote themselves, then you likely will find yourself struggling to succeed with your work or financial goals.

Ultimately, our beliefs contribute to our behaviours. If you’re experiencing an area in your life where results are not flowing the way you want them to, there’s an unsupportive belief that gets in the way. 


Here’s the thing, we become what we believe. If you want to become better, you must first believe for something better. This begins with understanding our beliefs and being willing to be open to a new possibility. 

For years I struggled with emotional and binge eating. I didn’t want to binge, yet found myself doing the thing I didn’t want to do. I knew what I was doing was hurting me, and yet didn’t know how to prevent it from happening. No diet plan could stop this cycle. In fact, every diet plan only perpetuated it. It was one of the most difficult, guilt-ridden, shame-filled cycles I’ve experienced. And it continued for years upon years. 

Though there were a few key factors that contributed to the struggle, the biggest one was my beliefs were not in support of my desires. 


You never finish what you start.

You’re fat.

You’re a failure.

You cannot do this right.

Why fight to win? You’ll only give up anyway.

You know the only thing that can satisfy is food. 

Is it any wonder why I struggled?


Before my behaviours could line up the way I wanted them to, my internal beliefs had to line up as well. I created a list called OLD BELIEFS and NEW BELIEFS. I identified all those that kept the binge cycle going. Anything that didn’t speak to success and freedom was an unsupportive belief. To determine my new beliefs, I simply had to ask, “What’s the opposite of the old belief?” Sure enough, the new belief was a supporting one. 


I wish I could tell you it’s as easy as writing down a new belief and ‘tada’, you will be a new person. Not true! It took continual intention and practice, discomfort, courage, lots of patience, curiosity and trust that the ‘old me’ would be worked out as the ‘new me’ was being worked in. 

I regularly reminded myself that I was a healthy, strong, beautiful woman.


I discovered hurts that needed to be let go.  I feared being heavy as a few key people in my upbringing criticized people’s weight. Their words formed fearful beliefs in me. Fear can be a great motivator to get us started, but it simply cannot keep us going strong. 

There were people I needed to forgive. Not forgiving increased my pain and for any of you who struggle with binge eating know very well, food can ‘stuff’ the pain…for a little while anyway.


Oh, how there were many other elements in the battle to overcoming binge eating, to which I cannot share them all with you now. I can tell you whatever is holding you back from living an abundant life, it is possible to experience freedom, especially through Jesus. 

2 Corinthians 5:17

Anyone who belongs to Christ has become a new person. The old life is gone; a new life has begun!

As new beliefs formed, I sought God’s word to see if these beliefs lined up with his truth. Nowhere in the bible do you read it’s important to lose weight so people can look up to you. Yet a part of me in the early days believed that if I was a smaller size, I’d gain the admiration and respect of others. 


Scripture does speak of Jesus being the bread of life and that whoever believes in him shall not hunger nor thirst. We can seek pleasure in food, yet the bible says that our ‘food’ is about doing the will of God. Maybe you’ve already experienced the incomparable gratification that comes when you love and serve another for their sole benefit. Serving others is ‘soul food’ and as we nourish this hunger through love and generosity, we experience our physical hunger is far more satisfied. 

If you’ve struggled to lose weight, with body image, low confidence or self-esteem, it’d be our highest honour to empower you to a living a healthier, happier life! Email me, Master Health Coach Kristine at 

God Bless!
Kristine Rustand, Master Health Coach

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