Hearing from God


A part of me is discovering that more often than not when God speaks, He’s saying things that I don’t want to hear, sometimes don’t feel right, or simply makes no sense at all.


In the Old Testament, we see a story where God is about to lead the Israelites into the promised land. Before Moses passed away he told his people, “You’re about to take land from nations that are bigger and stronger than you. They have walls as high as the sky. Know that God is with you and He’ll destroy these nations before you."

God was using Moses to say something really big is about to go down. And you’re probably going to freak out, but you need not worry.

God will win this battle for you. And that is exactly what God did. 

I love that when we seek to hear from God, He gives us a clue about what’s to come so that when it occurs, it’s not as scary as we thought it’d be. God is with us, leading us, fighting battles on our behalf. Sometimes though we have a hard time hearing God speak.

If you’d consider yourself a follower of Jesus, I want to share ‘4 ALL’s’ that may be blocking you from hearing from God. 


For those of us who love to do it all, it is difficult to sit and do nothing but listen. Personally, I can be addicted to the adrenaline that comes with being busy. The challenge is that I leave little room to hear from God.

I remember 8 years ago in our early days at City Life Church I cried to God, “I’ve done everything to help my husband believe. What else do I need to do?” And very clearly heard God say, “Ummm…what makes you think…I’m not on the job. Who said it was up to you TO DO  anyway?” 

Amazingly, that same day, my husband made the decision to say YES to following Jesus. God was on the job just as he said he was. 

I had this ‘if it’s to be it's up to me’ spirit. It wasn’t up to me. And possibly you’re doing some things that aren’t up to you and it’s preventing you from hearing where God is leading you.  


It is natural to want a nice car, a great job, a gorgeous house, a good-looking spouse. I mean that helps, right?

Our eyes can be set on a ‘me’ focus, as in God position me, promote me, promise me.  If what we want is just about us, we’re setting ourselves up for a fall. 

The Message says it like this in Proverbs 16:18,

‘First pride, then the crash. The bigger the ego, the harder the fall.’

We miss that God is ‘we’ focused.

Consider for a moment…Jesus himself, as in God in the flesh, came not be served but to serve and give his life for many. He could’ve had anything he wanted, and what he wanted most was to love and serve people. 


Have you ever sat across the table from someone and they’re telling you everything they know and the more they talk you’re like, “Oh goodness…you don’t have a clue, do you?”

We think we KNOW the way God works, but sometimes God can show up ONE WAY one day and completely different the next. HIS WAY is ONE WAY, it’s LOVE.

Yet isn't it possible, if you’re a parent that the way you love your kids can show up a little differently each day?

Maybe the hard times you’re going through at work isn’t your boss’ fault. Possibly your spouse’s annoying tendencies isn’t really about him or her at all. God uses people and environments to soften OUR heart. Maybe his purpose is to work out a complaining, negative spirit in you SO THAT He can bring greater love, acceptance, hope and trust through you.  


When I first started going to church, I relied on a Sunday service to fill my week spiritually. By Tuesday I was a mess! 

God’s Word is nourishment. It is food for our Spirit. We cannot eat one meal on a Sunday and expect our physical self to be nourished all week long. In the same way a healthy body is fed three meals a day, our Spirit needs nourishment many times a day. 

God speaks a language filled with love and grace. When you read God’s word you grow in His love and grace. You discover that you are valuable, worthy, honoured, respected and beautiful. You discover the thing you’ve been searching for all your life is found right there in His word. 

My prayer for three years has been GOD SHOW ME and GOD FILL ME.

Show me your purpose in this pain. Show me who needs to know you more. Show me when to speak.   Show me when to shut my mouth!

God fill me with your love. Fill me with your heart for those who are hurting. And recently I’ve added God fill me with disgust. Anything that is not in alignment with who you are, make it hurt so that I know I’m off track. 

How do you hear from God? The answer is found in Proverbs 3:5-6 (TPT)

Trust in the Lord COMPLETELY and do not rely on your own opinions. With ALL your heart rely on him to guide you, and he will lead you in EVERY decision you make. Become intimate with him in whatever you do, and he will LEAD YOU wherever you go.

It’s a decision we get to make every single day. 

In faith and love! 

Kristine Rustand