The heart break in the health industry is the claim that it’s easy to achieve your weight loss goals. Diet books and programs tell us that as long as we eat less and move more we will lose weight. Sure that statement is true, but more importantly, HOW do we get people to eat less and move more when everything within them wants to do the very opposite.

Following a diet program is more of an inside-out approach, when the diet industry has treated it like it’s outside-in. Diet programs say ‘eat ____________ and workout ________ times and you’re good!


Ummm…if that were true then why do so many people try and ‘fail’ again and again and again? 

We are more than physical beings. Applying just a physical formula is not enough to transform our body. Transformation is a process of engaging the body, mind and soul. 


To make healthier choices, starts with thinking healthier thoughts. The health of your choices will follow the health of your thoughts. No matter how well you start a diet plan or exercise program, if your mind speaks words that say, “This is too hard. I’m not enough. I can’t do it. I’m fat. Ugly. Unworthy. A failure.” it is no wonder you end up failing. 

These toxic thoughts sabotage you! 

Just like the brain tells your heart when to beat, your lungs when to breathe, and your kidneys how to filter toxic waste, so do your thoughts instruct your behaviours. Far more bodily functioning occurs inside of us rather than outside of us. Hence why our internal thoughts inform our behaviours whether we realize it or not. 


Your mind is the control center of your brain. If it doesn’t send healthy impulses, you will not respond in healthy ways. Your thoughts occupy mental real estate in your brain. Your thoughts are active, they grow and change. Every time you think, you’re actively changing your body for better or worse. 


This is WHY our Health and Weight Loss programs are so much more than meal plans and weigh ins. If all we do is tell you WHAT to eat, we risk setting you up for short term success and a long term set back. Meal plans and grocery lists are helpful and even necessary to get you started, but then we look at WHY your goals are so important to you and show you exactly HOW to follow through with greater ease and success.

The HOW TO isn’t just what we think is a good idea. It’s been built on brain science. This is what Health Coaching is all about! We inspire hope beyond your current circumstances. WHY? Because we believe you’re worth it! 


Transforming your body is a process of transforming your whole self; your body, mind and soul.

We teach you how to tune into your body’s hunger signals so that you eat according to your body’s needs. We help you discover what your cravings really mean. We help you to control your thoughts and impulses vs. them controlling you. We help you replace negative, destructive thinking so that you are EMPOWERED with healthy thoughts that lead to healthy actions. Simple and steady action is what delivers the weight loss results you formerly fought so hard for! 


If you’re ready to say YES to a Total Transformation we want you to join us! EmpowerWays has 3 new Weight Loss Groups starting Sept 17th.  To find out which one is the right fit for you go to for more info or email Kristine at

Everything we do is about empowering you to live a healthier, happier life!

Why choose EmpowerWays? Because the diet industry has failed you and we need to change that!

We believe in you!


Kristine Rustand is a Master Health Coach with EmpowerWays. Everything she does is about empowering you to live a healthier, happier life. You can follow EmpowerWays on Facebook and Instagram. If you want to know how Health Coaching can help you achieve your health goals and live your best life, contact Kristine today.