Think Right. Eat Right. Part 2


SPRING has arrived! Which also means summer is just around the corner and for many of you, you want to shed winter weight in preparation for swim suit season. 

The weight loss rush is coming fast. You know you want to lose 10, 15, 20 maybe even 25lbs over the next few months. These are big goals. And worthy ones too! Not only will you feel better, you’ll also be more energized, calm, confident, and content. 

change your habits, transform your life

Results you experience in any area of your life come from your habits. If you habitually skip breakfast, hit up drive thrus, and overeat late at night these habits ultimately contribute to your health and weight. 

When you change your habits, you transform your life. 

Habits aren’t easy to change though, are they? 

Habits are deeply wired into us, so much so that we often feel that we cannot stop destructive habits from happening. We can even feel powerless to change. 

where do habits come from?

Habits come from our brain. Our brain tells our body to take specific actions all day long. So, if our brain tells our body what to do, what’s directing our brain? It’s our mind.  

Your mind is made up of your will, your intellect, and your emotions. 

When people say, “I don’t have enough will power” I say of course you don’t. Neither do I. Our will represents only 1/3 of our mind. Could you succeed financially on only 1/3 of your income? Could your workplace thrive with only 1/3 of its employees? Probably not. And neither will you flourish in your health and weight loss goals when you run on will power alone. 

Your health and weight loss goals will be a result of your nutrition habits far more than anything else you do. You’ve heard it said before, ‘you cannot out train a poor diet’. In order to eat right, you must think right. 

 So how do you empower healthier thoughts? 

 Start with WHY!

WHY do you want to lose ____lbs? What is most important about that to you? What do you want to discover about nutrition? Why is eating healthy important to you? Who do you get to become once you’ve lost ____ lbs?  What would be the best part of that? 

These questions bring out an internal motivation that’ll take you far beyond what a scale tells you. Yes, the number is important. It however does not touch the surface of the person you get to become. 

Imagine how much character gets developed in you as you set out on your weight loss goals. Patience. Perseverance. Discipline. Strength. Determination. Endurance. Love. Acceptance. Courage. Contentment. Organized. These qualities change who you are from the inside out. They impact who you become as a parent, a leader, a follower, a worker, a sibling, a friend, a spouse, a risk taker and so so much more! 

 As you lose weight and are transformed from the inside out, what new hopes and dreams might be born in the next year? Five years? Ten years and beyond? When your WHY includes a short and long-term vision, your long-term hopes can carry you through when the short-term goals aren’t happening fast enough. 

Be grateful

Gratitude changes the way we think about our circumstances. For three years my husband and I did everything in our power to make a specific dream come true. I cannot possibly share how much time, money, hope, and prayer went into making this dream a reality. Within the past month the doors to this dream have completely closed. Forever.

Circumstances can be heart breaking. Your lifelong dreams can be shattered without a day’s notice. And it hurts. Badly. Author and Pastor Charles Swindoll says, “Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you eact to it.”

Every single thought of sadness, anger, doubt and despair, I have chosen but to transition to gratitude. I will not allow circumstances to steal all that is good. When I cry tears of sadness, I also cry tears of joy for an incredible family, friends, church, and a purpose-filled career. When I feel loss, I also thank and declare that God is doing a new thing, it just hasn’t been revealed to me yet. 

For those of you whose thoughts towards your body and your weight loss journey are negative, condemning and hurtful, what can you be grateful for? Write down 30 things you are grateful for in your health, body, nutrition and relationships. Post these things around your house, your workplace and in your car. Speak gratitude over these things continuously into your mind and you will transform your thoughts! When you think better, you eat better!

Put the Who Before Do

We tend to identify with what we do. We say things like, “This is just the way I am. I’m an overeater and a stress eater. I binge eat. I’m not disciplined. I’ve never been good at following through. I can’t do it.”

An unhealthy identity creates unhealthy habits. Unhealthy habits reinforce an unhealthy identity. It’s a cycle. If you don’t see yourself as fit and healthy, you won’t make healthy decisions. When you don’t make healthy decisions, you will become more unhealthy.

Before your DO goals (I want to lose 20lbs), start with WHO goals. Who do you want to become? What do you want people to say about you when they describe who you are? 

Identity shapes actions. When you know who you are, you know what to do. 

Who are you? 

Declare who you are!

I am a fit and healthy, loving, confident mom! 

A healthy identity creates positive habits. “I work out. I am disciplined. I eat healthy, homemade meals. I nourish my mind and body with lots of fresh fruits and vegetables.”

who do you want to be?

 Positive identity (your WHO) creates positive habits. Positive, healthy habits reinforce a healthy identity.

 “I am an overcomer. I am disciplined. I am a supportive spouse. I love and serve with all my heart. I am patient and kind. I am a powerful leader. I believe the best in myself and others.”

Don’t say, “I am trying to lose weight.” This only reinforces an identity as someone who is not happy with their weight. Instead declare, “I am a healthy and fit woman!” (or man if that is who you are)

When you know who you are, you will know what to do. 

Who do you want to be?

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Committed to you!

Kristine Rustand

Master Health Coach, EmpowerWays


Kristine Rustand is a Master Health Coach with EmpowerWays. Everything we do is about empowering you to live a healthier, happier life. You can follow EmpowerWays on Facebook and Instagram. If you want to know how Health Coaching can help you live a healthier, happier life contact Kristine today.